Past Presentations

November 8, 2019.

Wayne Pratt launches his new book, “31 Days” and unpacks Jack Canfield’s book: “The Success Principles”.

Wayne’s new book, “31 Days” provides a month’s worth of thoughts, tips, and techniques to help you better process and enjoy your month and year. 

In over 10 years of blogging, Wayne has curated his best posts to help you get and enjoy where you want to go, be and do.

Wayne says: “When I finished Jack Canfield’s Train the Trainer course based on his best selling book, “The Success Principles”, I knew I wanted to teach what I had learned and I wanted to promise the energy, the knowledge, and the experience to make sure the audience got more than they paid for.”

Wayne Pratt is a recognised speaker, author, and life coach who can make you laugh while making you think.


What people said

I was delighted to get a copy of the book, signed by both the Author and the Illustrator!

Emilia Bell

Customer Service, Diebec

Wayne broke down the main message of Mr. Canfield’s book, and presented it in a very understanable way.

The handout with notes was particularly useful, and I’m sure I’ll be referring to it often.

M.A. Bell

CEO, Digital Insite

September 15, 2018.

First Things First Launch


First Things First with Wayne Pratt is an exciting and energizing experience where you will have access to a concentrated brew of principles that Wayne has distilled over the course of the last 25 years.

Years of working with people like Jack Canfield, Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy and others, as well as his personal experience speaking to groups and coaching individuals have given Wayne the teachings he will share with you in this presentation.

These touchstone principles will help you meet your goals, reduce stress, and have more fun.

M.A. Bell

Take a solid background of formal design training, a lifetime of wildly widely varying work experiences, entrepreneurship, and a love of challenge.

Add to that ongoing courses in programming and Web Technology, as well as over 20 years’ experience in creating websites, and what do you get?

You get M.A. Bell, creator and CEO of Digital Insite, a boutique web development company located near Montreal, Quebec.

M.A. has a passion for creating innovative and visually appealing websites, which are at the same time precisely functional, user-friendly, and uniquely targeted to enhance her clients’ bottom line.

What people said

Wayne, you did a super job for me.  

I have it all.  

Really I have it all; I have done it, been it, worked it, struggled with and through all of the stuff you talked about.

But I am in a new place now and some of the questions you asked startled me…made me think, which at my age is annoying because you THINK you know it all, have asked and answered it all…but apparently not!

Susan Sly

Over all very nice presentations.

MA’s presentation was engaging, and Wayne left me feeling happy and uplifted. 

Amy Colebourne